Insanity Fit Test 1 Results A.K.A. Shape, I Am NOT In You!

I’m not using (much) hyperbole when I say that I get winded climbing stairs. It’s what happens to a body when it sits in front of a computer for almost every waking hour. My physical activity level is somewhere between “sedentary” and “coma”. The only reason it’s not entirely “coma” is that I have episodes […]

Mishap of Sci-Fi Proportions Creates Romney/Ryan Hybrid

Inspired by and in the (attempted) style of The Onion Encouraged by their staff that a trip to a research lab would be beneficial to the campaign and show voters that presidential and vice presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, respectively, weren’t completely against science and education, they agreed to the joint visit. The […]

Google, Google+, and Over-Tailored Results

I read recently via Slashdot that Google  has further refined their searches to even further tailor them to the individual.  They’re including results from Google+, specifically from your circles (assuming you’re signed in, which most people are these days).  I get the goal (read: targeted advertising based on data collection) but half the fun – […]

New On-Camera Commercial Representation

Recently, AVO decided to expand their company to include an on-camera commercial department. Since I’m already represented there for voice over, I thought I’d meet with Crista Augustynovich – who heads the new department – to see if we could work together. Turns out we can and she welcomed me aboard. Looking forward to a […]

New Category: News

In an attempt to broaden the scope of this website and keep everybody abreast and apprised – yes, they have different meanings, if only subtly so – of what I’m doing beyond a mere 140 characters, I’m creating the “News” category. My life is actively in the process of changing even as I type these […]

Slim & Trim: Digital Storage Dieting

I have a philosophy when it comes to dieting: I don’t. Rather, I simply refuse to buy clothes that are larger. If my pants feel a bit snug, I may eat less of what I normally eat but I won’t go on any “diet” that requires me to change for life. I’ll definitely exercise more. […]

Save Money, Send an IM

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about the cost of texting. And the wireless carriers have a few questions to answer. People who didn’t opt for the unlimited text plan – and who might also happen to have teenagers – have ended up paying huge fees as a result of rampant texting. Now, don’t […]

Twitter & Celebrities

Celebrities have become somewhat common-place on Twitter. reported a while ago that Oprah Winfrey tweets.  As she does with books, the mere mention that she has a Twitter page caused a flood of new sign-ups.  That’s no surprise.  People love celebrities.  They will follow them just about anywhere.  But Twitter is in the unique […]

Fatalism & Insects

I rescued a cricket today.  I use the term “rescued” loosely since it wasn’t in any imminent danger.  It was inside on a step and I ushered it outside to freedom.  I’m sure it would eventually have made it back outside and gone on with its life – whatever that is.  What do crickets do […]

Music, Microphones, & Voice Overs

An interesting thing has occurred lately:  I’ve started hearing things.  No.  Not voices.  Well.  Technically, I’m hearing voices.  But they’re actually there inside my head.  Wait.  Let me try that again.