Meet the Shapers – Vex (Voiced by Me)

“Too smart for animal. Too dumb for hind-legger. What is Vex?”

Born a mere frax – a predator beast of the western forests – Vex was the subject of Petrus’ early Vitality Experiments into Shaping flesh. His body and mind both enhanced and damaged, he suffers constant agony. Only the blessings of the Spirit of Pain keep him alive and sane.

Vex is a spine-launching ranged carry that boasts all but unrivaled potential for inflicting damage—though he may have a perilous path to the top, should he get there, few are the shapers that can hope to stand up to his endless barrage of spines for any length of time. That firepower comes at a price, however—where other range carries have the ability to reposition rapidly to adapt instantly to a chaotic battle, Vex has no such mobility, forcing him into a meticulous, patient playstyle appropriate for a lurking predator, circling the battle just out of reach, waiting for the right moment to pin his foes and turn “prey” into “meat”. If you want to rain jagged death on your enemies, cutting down the mighty and the frail alike, and you think you have the cunning to stay five steps ahead while doing it, then Vex might be the Shaper for you.