Comparative & Superlative: Endangered Species

Now, I had originally planned on keeping my rants relegated to a site that’s particularly dedicated to aspects of how society has been and is actively being dumbed down. But I don’t know when that will be constructed and, besides, this site needs content. So, today I’d like to talk about the slowly dying comparatives and superlatives.

Not familiar with either of those two? Well, read up on the proper usage of regular comparatives and superlatives and then check back here. Go on. I’ll wait.

Congratulations! You learned something.

My biggest complaint isn’t about the misspelling of the words but their misuse. You see, the trend of late has been to use “more” in front of a single syllable word or combining the polysyllabic usage with the monosyllabic form (most best or more smarter). For instance, a certain leader of the free world was quoted as saying “more safe“. It’s just improper grammar. Now, I will give you that a movie like Mo’ Better Blues breaks the rule but there’s a difference between poor grammar and poetic license.

Is this the natural evolution of language? I hope not. I do concede that language evolves and, as much as I’d like to fight the fact, I have to accept that. I know in time that an entirely new lexicon may emerge and the very words I’m typing may be as archaic and potentially dead as ancient Mayan. But the order beneath it all must remain. To me, breaking away from grammatical rules is the same as rewriting basic math. What would happen if we lived in a world where people eschewed the fact that 1+1=2?

Am I just being persnickety? Maybe. And if that makes me more persnickety than you, I can accept that. In fact, I hope, in this instance, I am the most persnickety person you know. Living in a society where I’m “more better” or the “most wise” is not something to which I look forward. Basic grammar lessons should be a requirement to attain your voter’s registration card or driver’s license. Maybe then, the U.S. wouldn’t be headed down the path to the “most stupidest” country award.

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