Music, Microphones, & Voice Overs

An interesting thing has occurred lately:  I’ve started hearing things.  No.  Not voices.  Well.  Technically, I’m hearing voices.  But they’re actually there inside my head.  Wait.  Let me try that again.

I’ve been listening to a lot more music via headphones of late.  Mostly at work.  I can usually tell lesser bitrates – in spite of the tinnitus – through the headphones.  But having gained more experience behind the mike –  doing voice over workshops, auditions, and work – I’ve begun to notice the subtle pops, the proximity of the singer, and the like.  I certainly don’t mind it.  I consider it an acquired skill.

It might also be a factor of my current living situation.  See, my roommate is a sound mixer.  Once something is pointed out, I pay attention, subconciously listening for it.  Like they say:  You can never un-learn something.  (Forgetting something is entirely diffferent.)  It’s a bit like learning the secret to the magic trick.  You get giddy at seeing the mand behind the curtain.  Though, sometimes, you wish the “wonder”, the bliss of ignorance, was still there.

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