Insanity Fit Test 1 Results A.K.A. Shape, I Am NOT In You!

I’m not using (much) hyperbole when I say that I get winded climbing stairs. It’s what happens to a body when it sits in front of a computer for almost every waking hour. My physical activity level is somewhere between “sedentary” and “coma”. The only reason it’s not entirely “coma” is that I have episodes where I go to the gym. It’s almost like a medical condition that flares up periodically. Like gout. I have gym-gout. (No offense to sufferers of actual gym-gout, assuming that it’s even a thing.)

Now, I mention all this not as an excuse but to give you an idea of my fitness level when I took the initial Fit Test. Of course, Insanity is kind of “next level” stuff and I probably should be in slightly better shape than I am to even contemplate it. But I figure, hey, why not challenge myself, right? Mind you, the last time I attempted it, I failed miserably. I don’t think I had the right mindset. Now? Well, I think I have the right mindset but just to be sure, I’m keeping a very visible log.

And that’s where you, my reader(s?) come in. Insanity has exercises for six out of every seven days for the next 60 days. That means I’ll be posting my progress/experience/pleas-for-someone-to-end-my-self-inflicted-suffering almost daily with Fit Test Results every two weeks. If you don’t see an update, you have my permission to mock and cajole me. (Basically, I’m outsourcing my accountability. And, yes, I understand that you don’t need my permission to mock and cajole me. But in this instance – AND ONLY THIS INSTANCE – you have it.)

So, without further ado, here are the results:

Fit Test Day 1

Note: These are in the order performed with varying degrees of rest needed to catch my breath and/or recoup.

Switch Kicks – 30
Power Jacks – 26
Power Knees – R/16 L/15
Power Jump – 15
Globe Jumps – 0 (I knew my legs were weak but I was shaking after the above four exercises. I had no endurance for these even after down-time.)
Suicide Jumps – 9
Push Up Jacks – 17
Low Plank Obliques – 34

For those not familiar with what these exercise are, I encourage you to look them up so you know the torture I’m putting myself through in the name of getting healthy and, to a lesser degree, your entertainment. For those familiar with what these are, know that these numbers will improve.

Until tomorrow.

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