New Category: News

In an attempt to broaden the scope of this website and keep everybody abreast and apprised – yes, they have different meanings, if only subtly so – of what I’m doing beyond a mere 140 characters, I’m creating the “News” category.

My life is actively in the process of changing even as I type these words. And I’ve become very aware of what many people have known for ages: If you don’t keep moving forward, you’re standing still. If you’re standing still, you’re left behind. And, from the perspective of the person moving forward, it might actually look like you’re moving backward.

“But, Anthony, why not just use Facebook and Twitter or LiveJournal, et cetera.?” I hear you asking. Well, they have their place but they also have their caveats. Besides, I pay for this website and the hosting. I might as well make the most of it (i.e. increase traffic, market myself, the usual).

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