One Actor’s Mark On a Virtual Stage

So, what’ll you find in my blog?

Here you’ll find a more personal touch. Insight into my personality, if you will.  One actor’s mark on a virtual stage: That’s the essential concept behind this blog. Earlier attempts at making my presence known online (via a now defunct domain) failed.  Miserably. Okay, not miserably. But technology of the day – this was a while ago, mind you – was not supportive of my need for a simple (read: mindlessly non-involved) interface wherein I could update content without the hassle of FTP, a text editor, and coding knowledge. Granted, I have all that but, well, I’m lazy. Let me rephrase that. I’m not completely lazy or unmotivated.  However, the laziness and procrastination that lay within me were, up until recently, far superior to the motivation required to take action. That has all changed.

So, you have what you see before you. Within the figurative borders of this blog, I shall endeavour to build a place where people will come to find out who I am, what I’m up to, and what I’m about. (And then cast me in their various voice over and on-camera projects thereby allowing me the opportunity to buy a gaming rig from somebody like Falcon Northwest.)  You will discover my likes, my dislikes, and I’ll try to explain what I do and why it is I do it. What you (most likely) won’t find here is a series of rants or complaints about the state of affairs in the United States. I’m saving that for If I have time to build it, that is.  (Update:  I never found the time.)  I also tried to get political at (the now defunct as well) but The Huffington Post basically says what I’d want to say. Plus, keeping a political blog current is almost a full-time job. I’ve got the equivalent of several of those already.

Anyway, I shall ramble no more. At least in this particular blog entry. The first of what I hope to be a regular occurrence. Or semi-regular. At least once a month. Maybe quarterly? You know what, I’ll write when the mood strikes me and when I have stuff I want to share. Deal? Deal.

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